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SuppenwiediSuppenwiedi(Image) (21.8.2018, 19:49 UTC)

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[Reposted from gruetze]

hackyhackygood bye (19.1.2018, 11:11 UTC)

Tschuess, Ade, auf Wiedersehn! ist nun offline :( Machts gut und bis bald!

Alles weiteren Infos gibt’s im IRC:

Chan: #hAcky.v2



hackyhackynotpron (2.3.2017, 11:52 UTC)

wohoooo, fuck, yeah! After, mhh i think, more than 8 years, i solved notpron :) notpron describes itself as “the hardest riddle available on the internet” and yes, it is! 8 years for 140 levels, eh, enough said… ;)

I started it with uwe, Eleras, Kabelmaulwurf, kimperator and punisher back in 2008 or 2009, on the 25c3 or 26c3. We had another try in 2013 but it was too hard, until 2017 :) New hope, new ideas – let’s go!

It’s really hard! Like i mentioned before, there are 140 levels, 82 positive, 44 negative and 14 greek levels. You need a lot of different skills like knowledge of html/css, sound/graphic editing, cryptography, etc.

Try it yourself at :)

Thomas MerkelThomas MerkelSign pkgsrc packages manually (2.1.2017, 11:00 UTC)

Starting a post with "this is only a workaround and you should only use it if you sure what you're doing" is maybe not the best start but anyway: This is only a workaround if you missed to sign your package or would like todo it for your home environment!

Please have a look at pkgbuild from Jonathan which provides most features to have a nice build environment for pkgsrc.

To sign a package manually and not during the build process you could use the pkg_admin tool. The tool provides an argument gpg-sign-package which allow you to sign packages with GPG based on your mk.conf file.

It's required to have your GPG environment ready and working. So you need an public/private key pair in your trust store which you could use for signing the package. It's not required to have gpg-agent or anything running but if not you need so insert your password on each package you like to sign.

The following variables need to be configured in your mk.conf:

# Set your gpg key ID to the following variable
# Set the path to the GPG binary

After this is done you could use the pkg_admin command to sign you package:

$ pkg_admin gpg-sign-package unsigned/vim-nox-8.0.0086.tgz signed/vim-nox-8.0.0086.tgz

Because I'm a little bit lazy and only need to variables in the mk.conf I've created the following script which use a temporary mk.conf file for signing:

#!/usr/bin/env bash

MK_CONF=$(mktemp -q /tmp/mk-conf.XXXXXXXX)

cat <<EOF >> ${MK_CONF}
GPG=$(which gpg)

pkg_admin -C ${MK_CONF} gpg-sign-package $@
rm "${MK_CONF}"
hackyhackyhappy new year (1.1.2017, 01:00 UTC)

Thomas MerkelThomas MerkelSmartOS add delegate dataset later to zone (21.12.2016, 11:46 UTC)

Maybe you missed to add a delegate dataset to one of your SmartOS or LX-branded zone and would like to add it later. This is possible with zonecfg, but you're be warned this is only a workaround and not based on the official SmartOS documentation.

First find out your zone UUID and your zfs_filesystem:

$ vmadm list
# If your zone UUID is df779413-9943-481d-beb8-ba1a376afa2e
$ vmadm get df779413-9943-481d-beb8-ba1a376afa2e | json zfs_filesystem

I would recommend stop your zone before you create the dataset and modify the zone metadata:

$ vmadm stop df779413-9943-481d-beb8-ba1a376afa2e

Create your dataset / file system in the global zone. It should be called data and based on the already existing dataset:

$ zfs create zones/df779413-9943-481d-beb8-ba1a376afa2e/data

Modify the zone metadata with zonecfg:

$ zonecfg -z df779413-9943-481d-beb8-ba1a376afa2e

The commands will add the dataset which you've created earlier:

zonecfg:df779413-...> add dataset
zonecfg:df779413-...:dataset> set name=zones/df779413-9943-481d-beb8-ba1a376afa2e/data
zonecfg:df779413-...:dataset> end
zonecfg:df779413-...> verify
zonecfg:df779413-...> exit

After that you could start your zone again and should be able to see the new delegate dataset. You could check this also via vmadm:

$ vmadm get df779413-9943-481d-beb8-ba1a376afa2e | json datasets
hackyhackyWinterschlaf (12.12.2016, 17:02 UTC)

Seit dem 01.11. befindet sich die Orange im wohlverdienten Winterschlaf und ich vermiss die Karre schon soooooo unendlich doll :( Das liegt vielleicht einerseits an meiner doofen Winterkarre, andererseits aber vielleicht auch daran, dass die Orange einfach das geilste Auto fuer mich ist <3

Diesen Winter stehen noch einige kleine ToDo’s an:

  • Neue Heckklappendämpfer
  • Neue Nebelscheinwerfer
  • Optische Veraenderungen Innenraum
  • Optische Veraenderungen Felgen
  • Innenraum Aufbereitung
  • Polieren & wachsen
  • Weitere Kleinigkeiten

Punkt eins auf der Liste ist schon abgehakt :) Ich habe vor kurzem staerkere Heckklappendaempfer verbaut, mit denen der Kofferraum automatisch geoeffnet wird. Die Daempfer sind so stark, dass sie die Heckklappe nach dem entriegeln einfach nach oben gedrueckt wird. Total cool :)

Der Rest wird sicherlich bald folgen :)

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